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MEGA CHEER TEAM is a competitive cheer team. They attend 5-7 competitions in South Dakota from January-March. We will decide from our athlete ability which level and ages we will have a competitive team.  Our athletes also can perform solos, trios, and do jump or tumble routines.

MEGA CHEER Program teaches a combination of jumps, tumbling, stunting and dance skills. We off trial beginner cheer class in the Spring and Summer and Our Competition Team Starts by September 1 and finishes April 1. Ages 5-17 

MEGA STAFF, our coaches have dance, cheer, and gymnastics experience all at a competitive level. Our coaches offer confidence building, knowledgable, structured  learning environment. Safety and a positive peer & coach relationship is at the top of our goals. While keeping those goals in mind it allows them to be a great team and advance their skills. 


NINJA is a combination of agility moves, core conditioning, & body awareness. We use the trampolines, obstacle courses Ninja style, and high energy games to create a fun atmosphere to challenge the youth to learn. This enviroment will make kids want to get stronger and fit for any sport they participate in.


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