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MEGA is a member of USA GYMNASTICS. Our coaching staff is certified by USA GYMNASTICS in safety, pre-school lessons, and in training competitive gymnasts. We compete in the USA Women's JO Program beginning at Level 2-10 and Xcel. Our philosophy starts a gymnast as a pre-schooler learning to have fun in our environment while starting basic foundations that can be built upon. The next step teaches body awareness and builds on the foundation they have started. This is the stage that you will begin to see your child doing recognizable gymnastics. Every athlete is different in the timing they start these skills varies. This can take time, but once they achieve that level they can progress quickly to an advanced Varsity Level, advanced club levels or college bound athletics. Every child is unique and will not always fit into the same criteria as another child, we like to develop the athletes focusing on their strengths while gently working their weaknesses to build confidence. 



AUDRA REW, owner. Mitchell High School Head Coach, former SD Gymnastics COTY, 8 State Titles and 9 ESD Titles. As a former gymnast in High School and Club gymnast, Audra brings a passion for the sport. She realizes that through the lessons learned in gymnastics, kids can apply those lessons to life and become adults that always strive for the best. 



MEGA uses the tumble tramp and in-ground and above ground pits to teach air awareness to young athletes. Tramp is a great way to learn how to move your body in the air. Our pit is also used for advanced athletes to use for tumbling, bars and vault. Our youngsters love to crawl through the pit or jump into it and crawl out.


This is our main training facility. We use a variety of manipulitives to do drills for learning skills. We do not believe in letting a child do a skill they are not strong enough to do. We create a safe, easy way to learn skills and praise them along the way for correct technique. Breaking skills down into parts is the best way to start a strong foundation. This technique create strong confident young athletes. Our gym has everything we need to teach athletes advanced High School level skills very successfully. We have competitive athletes from age 5-18. These teams are decided in the Spring of each year



We offer three low beams, two mid high beams, and four high beams. MEGA believes in working at the level that your child is comfortable. It will be years on the low beam before a skill needs to be mastered on the high beam. We believe pre-schoolers should never be higher than their shoulders without a coach hands on. With beam pads, and chubby beams we allow our advanced students to train a variety of difficult elements in a safe way.

MEGA has five high bars and five low bars, 2 competition sets, a channel bar, a pit bar, tramp bar and strap bar.  We also have a seperate junior bar area for preschoolers so they are not overwhelmed. 

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